21 September, 2020

Vexed on Sex? Ask Dr M

He goes by the unlikely name of Mathrubhootham, but this Tamil telly sex evangelist is second only to superstar Rajni on the pop chart

Vexed on Sex? Ask Dr M
Q: Respected Sir, I have been masturbating five or six times a day for the last 10 years. I am to be married shortly. Will my habit affect my married life?
A: Dear Viewer, firstly, do you think you can keep your hands free long enough to tie the taali around the bride's neck?

Q: Respected Sir, I get turned on by women's nostrils. When I see a woman's flared nostril, I have an uncontrollable urge to place my member in it. What shall I do?
A:Dear Viewer, you seem to have proved the saying, "On the whole, it's all about a hole." Nevertheless this seems to be less your problem than your partner's who obviously needs to possess cannon holes for nostrils to satisfy you.

DON'T squirm, folks. This is how this television show rolls—and it's one of the most popular in southern India. And the cynosure of all eyes is

Dr N. Mathrubhootham, a mild-mannered telly sex evangelist who anchors the hugely popular Puthira Punithama? which, roughly translated, means 'Mystery or Sanctity?' on Sunday nights on the Vijay TV Tamil...


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