25 November, 2020

'Very Difficult To Be Both Indian And Pakistani'

'With every generation it is worse... They have had their pure society, so they are not used to the idea of hybridity. They have been fed a lot of nonsense...'

'Very Difficult To Be Both Indian And Pakistani'

When did you come up with the idea of a book about your life?  

I have been trying to write a book ever since I was 21. I have one failed novel, which was a novel purely for the drawer. And I was well on my way to a second failed novel. The second was dealing with this material (of his life) in a fictional form. I was working as a journalist but didn’t have my heart fully in it. I was trying to pay my way so that I could write fulltime. Working in Time magazine, I had reached a very frustrating point. My job as a reporter was almost clerical, I wanted very much to get out. The book happened because of an extraordinary set of situations. Time magazine brought out an issue called the Soul of Islam, and I did some reporting for them in the northern part of Britain, I had interviewed Hassan Butt (a Muslim radical). Time magazine used one line of it! The interview was published by



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