03 December, 2020

'Varun Gets His Liar's Streak From Maneka's Side'

There is also a streak of masochism, the desire to hurt oneself, in Varun's mother's family

'Varun Gets His Liar's Streak From Maneka's Side'
There are two things from his mother’s family that Varun Gandhi has inherited. First, there is a streak of masochism, the desire to hurt oneself, in Varun’s mother’s family. Maneka Gandhi’s father took his own life. Her uncle killed himself. And now Varun is doing the same. He must have known that what he said about the Muslims would hurt the Muslims and cost him the Muslim vote. What he said about the Sikhs—about barah baje—is a racial slur and there is a sizeable Sikh population in Pilibhit that isn’t likely to vote for him now. Nevertheless, he went along because he couldn’t help himself. And all he got out of it is that, from being a non-entity, he now has national notoriety. He will pay the price for this in due course.

There is another thing I’ve seen about Maneka’s family: the word ‘truth’ doesn’t exist in their dictionary. Both Varun and his mother made many contradictory statements trying to justify or deny what he had said. But it is now quite clear that he did say these things. And Maneka went out of the...



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