30 July, 2021

Variously Abled

A little repetitive, and not always very pleasurable, but in the final analysis, a useful and significant book on the inner structures of the new middle class

Variously Abled

The best way to read a text produced by academics is to be unabashedly greedy and unapologetically impatient. The great contribution of academics to any issue of contemporary interest lies in burrowing behind what is apparent, rummaging through neat formulations to extract fresh insight and dismantle the apparent commonsense that prevails around the subject. The great disservice the authors of this book do to their cause is to bury their insight in turgid language and theoretical posturing, blocking it to everyone beyond their intellectual neighbourhood. Which is why you need a combination of impatience with greed to take this book’s indigestibility in one’s stride and to look hungrily and selectively for the insights it offers.

This collection of essays addresses an issue of particular relevance, delving deeper into the diversity of the middle classes and the ways in which they are changing character while retaining their cultural dominance. The essays cover diverse ground with a combination of theoretical expositions,...

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