02 March, 2021

Utterances of a Nation

The BJP plans to coopt prevailing Sanskrit scholarship in the service of its revivalist agenda

Utterances of a Nation
Chamu Krishna Shastry is a missionary. Intent, intense and unequivocal about his professed creed, he has set into motion an enterprise with an encyclopaedic sweep. Shastry waxes eloquent on the virtues of Sanskrit and why it should become India's lingua franca. "Culture and language complement each other. If we lose a language, we'll lose the culture as also the knowledge embedded in the language. Sanskrit is our language and we can't afford to lose it," he expounds with the aplomb of a Jesuit.

The 43-year-old rss pracharak and Kannadiga scholar has been spearheading a grassroots "speak Sanskrit" movement under the aegis of Sanskrit Bharati, an outfit committed to the revival of the ancient language. Shastry has devised a method that enables one to speak the language without worrying too much about its intimidating grammar. He claims that since 1981 his approach has helped over 25 lakh people to become conversant with Sanskrit. He talks about two experiments, in two Karnataka villages, Mattur and Hosahalli. "If the Jews could revive Hebrew and make it Israel's official...

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