14 June, 2021

Us, Them And The Us

The US is clear that it will not mediate, but there are fears in India that it could end up doing so

Us, Them And The Us
The euphoria over the Clinton-Sharif statement, initially seen as a major diplomatic shot in the arm for India, has passed. Leaving several disturbing questions in its wake. Does this sudden US support for India's "restraint" have strings attached? Does it give Washington a handle on India vis-a-vis the ctbt and wto? Will Bill Clinton's "personal interest" translate into US mediation, or even intervention in Kashmir? In other words, has Kashmir finally been internationalised?

To be sure, the State Department and the President are distancing themselves from any mediatory role in Kargil or the larger Kashmir issue. Analysts there too concur that the US shouldn't involve itself beyond aiding Indo-Pak dialogue.

The semantic jugglery is necessitated by the phrase "personal interest", which leaves room for interpretation. A State Department official was forced to mark out this minimal position, "We are not being pulled in as a mediator. We are aware of people's desire to have us involved, but we know we won't be able to do anything if both...

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