13 June, 2021

US: No Shift In Policy

US: No Shift In Policy

INDIA-watchers are working overtime to monitor the general elections. Sumit Ganguly, who teaches at the Hunter College of the City University of New York, thinks the economic reforms will "go on, whatever the party at the Centre". The hardest thing, he notes, would be for any party to take on the next phase of reforms—that is, the dismantling and selling off of the public sector, reforms in services and exit policy—which "any party in power will need to tackle".

On foreign policy and security issues, Ganguly does not think there will be any marked shift: "People like Inder Gujral or Jaswant Singh may make some wild noises, but I see no substantial change either in terms of US policy or the stand on CTBT. I do not foresee any changes either in terms of foreign policy or defence issues." 

Says Sony Devabhaktuni, a research associate at the Stimson Centre, a Washington think-tank: "Regardless of who is in charge, the BJP will have a strong influence that will prevent whoever is in power from reneging on the nuclear option or from taking any...

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