26 September, 2020

'US Has Played A Very Active Role'

The Pakistan Foreign Minister on his hopes, fears and expectations.

'US Has Played A Very Active Role'

Did the offer of a dialogue from Prime Minister Vajpayee, at the time he was in Srinagar, come as a surprise? 

The fact that he spoke about it in Srinagar is a tacit admission that Kashmir is an issue between India and Pakistan which needs to be tackled through a dialogue. I want to repeat it for Outlook readers, it's a welcome statement and a very positive development. It's far removed from the belligerent statements Indian ministers have been making. Kashmir is an issue. If the Indian prime minister wants to discuss Kashmi, he is showing realism and acting like a statesman. 

The major problem arising out of this conflict is one of massive poverty. Unfortunately, irresponsible leaders in both countries have tried to mislead their large populations who are not very politically conscious and therefore very gullible. I, for one, can say with some satisfaction that I have never indulged in such rhetoric against India. My constituency in Kasur is located on the border. Some of its villages are opposite Ferozpur in India. Anti-India rhetoric...



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