14 May, 2021
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Ups And Downs

The BJP is down, SP up, Congress both. The UP is blurred but not so Uttaranchal, Punjab.

Ups And Downs
When the results started pouring in for the four assembly elections, they were more or less on expected lines. UP appeared headed towards another hung house, though the details spoke the story of a significant churning. The Congress won Punjab, though not on the lines exit and opinion polls had predicted, made a comeback in Uttaranchal and seemed set on forming another government in Manipur. The outstanding feature of the assembly poll results could only have seemed ominous for the bjp: it had lost ground almost everywhere—in UP, Uttaranchal and Punjab, where it is the Shiromani Akali Dal's junior partner in any case.

But nowhere was its position poised more precariously than in the Hindi heartland of Uttar Pradesh where its major adversaries, the SP and the bsp, made significant gains at its expense. With the SP improving on its last assembly tally of 110 and the bsp excelling with some deft social engineering—putting up candidates from upper castes and minority communities—the state appeared headed for another hung assembly, the third time in 10 years, making...

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