21 June, 2021

Unlocking A Lockdown: Outlook Presses On

Topicality being our hallmark, we bring you a cover this week on a topic that has been on everyone’s mind: How’s the josh at our workplaces? With lockdown restrictions being eased and offices opening up, many of us are returning to work after months amidst unprecedented uncertainties. But questions abound.

Unlocking A Lockdown: Outlook Presses On

It has been three months since my daughter last stepped out, having hurried back home from the city where she studies just in time to beat the nat­ionwide COVID-19 lockdown enforced end-March. Though the stay-at-home has not ended her trademark tantrums, it has definitely put paid to her favourite pastimes such as long drives and dining out. My ability to do things has been severely limited too, including the umpteen coffee breaks in the company of colleagues. Unable to live life the way we are used to, the forced restrictions rankled. Chastised—one word comes readily to my mind when asked what I learned from the pandemic. We have been shown our place, robbed overnight of the simple pleasures. But nothing hurt me more than the suspension of the print edition of Outlook once the country shuttered down.

We had no choice. With state borders closed and all modes of transport and distribution at a standstill, there was no way a physical copy of the magazine could be del­ivered to its readers. True, some in the business are continuing to claim...

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