27 July, 2021

Unleash The Good Force

Implement land ceiling acts and enforce fifth and ninth schedule

Illustration by Sorit
Unleash The Good Force

Radical left-wing resistance to the State has been festering in India since 1946, when the Communist Party of India began working in north Bengal and Telangana among landless scheduled castes and tribes who worked for a pittance in the lands of the upper-caste landowners in these areas. The root causes of this problem lie in the pernicious caste system of our country. During its evolution, the upper castes saw to it that ownership of cultivable lands remained with them. The tribals were driven into the forests, bringing about the new coinage to describe them: vanvasis.

The British did not interfere with this system. However, when India became independent and the Constituent Assembly was convened to frame the Constitution of India, our leaders framed two articles that are relevant to this issue—the Fifth Schedule and the Ninth Schedule.

The Fifth Schedule states briefly that all scheduled areas of the country which are forest reserves and inhabited by scheduled tribes are to be administered by the governors of the states by...

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