27 February, 2021

Union Jacks

With Left supporting UPA, trade unions go hyperactive, either in disappointment or in hope of better redressal

Union Jacks
August proved to be an eventful month. And not just because of the good monsoon or because India's first Sikh PM completed 100 days in office. The month will also be remembered for the over half-a-dozen agitations by various unions. In fact, ever since the UPA government's come to power with support from the Left parties, the number of strikes seems to have gone up dramatically. A dozen happened in the last three months; more can be expected in September.

Is the growing political clout of the Left emboldening the trade unions? Why have workers taken to the streets now when they should have had better equations with the ruling government? Or is there a case to prove that the spate of strikes is linked to a period of transition and that the new government's budget gave the already enthused trade unions opportunities? We spoke to politicians, trade unionists, communist intellectuals and experts to find out what's brought back the spring into the workers' stride.

A sizeable section, as expected, believes in the 'Left' factor. "There is a feeling of liberation now. Also a...

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