26 September, 2020

Uncle Sam's Right, Very Right!

The US is no bully lusting after Iraq's oil, its sole intention is to destroy sources of WMDs

illustration by Sandeep Adhwaryu
Uncle Sam's Right, Very Right!
Since the rss and CPI(M) speak as one on the US War in Iraq, no further proof is needed for the thesis of Indian public opinion being solidly against it. The reasons vary; the commonest and most persuasive are three: the US is a bully to assert its position as the only superpower; the war is aimed at seizing Iraq's oil wealth; and the Iraqis must be free to run their own affairs. A more personal criticism is George W wishes to complete George H's unfinished task, with the help of the same old warhorses, whose collective testosterone drives the war.

The question is: why now? All these grounds ignore the axiom that states hardly change their spots overnight. The US—the sole superpower for 15 years—could have asserted its might at any time and didn't need to pulverise an Iraq to do so.

Similarly, Americans didn't have to wait so long to annex Iraq's oil wealth. They could have done so in 1991 or during the Clinton dispensation, which was no less immune to business interests. And if the son wanted to bring honour to his father, wouldn't he have set the wheels rolling...


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