30 July, 2021

Uncle Sam Diary

Not the ‘LA International Airport’ of Susan Raye fame. The only sound was of the trolley wheels. 'We are in a deep hole,' said the lady at the counter. 'How’s India doing?' Well…

Illustration by Saahil
Uncle Sam Diary
Virus Noir in LA

When I went to the airport this January to board a plane to the US, I found the people there in a relaxed mood. Yes, all of them were wearing masks and quite a few of them were in that mock-space suit. I was asked that routine question, ‘Why now?’ The US then was reporting a high number of deaths and Los Angeles, where I was landing, was spoken of as the very cesspit of the virus. I had to tell them my wife and I longed to see our grandson and we were prepared to take the risk.

LA International Airport was far removed from the one celebrated in Susan Raye’s great hit. It looked forlorn and lost. We hardly encountered a human being when we moved towards the domestic terminal, pushing our trolleys slowly. The only noise seemed to be the ruckus made by the trolleys. “We are in a deep hole”, said the lady who was at the airline counter. “How is India doing?”

“Oh, we are doing very...

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