21 June, 2021

Ugly Fraud In Fairness Tube

In a country not comfortable with its own genes, fairness creams sell a lie to pander to a deep-seated self-loathing

Photograph by Tribhuvan Tiwari
Ugly Fraud In Fairness Tube

First things first, in black and white—and all the greys. The science is as dub­ious as the sociology. The Indian market is flooded with fairness products. If all of them had made the promised effect, we’d have become a country of Icelanders—close to realising again that old pop notion of the North Pole having been in India. “The truth should be out,” says Paras Jain, a ­Delhi law student, who is on the verge of securing a verdict that could forever change the way personal care products and fairness creams market themselves in India—even if attitudinal changes will take longer.

Voiceover: Satata Karmakar; Script: Siddhartha Mishra; Edited by Suraj Wadhwa

Depending on the verdict, the industry could still find grey areas to work around the law. But from an uncontrolled run, it has at...

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