12 April, 2021

U-Turn On A Train

He couldn't do it to Bihar. But Laloo has made the railways shine.

Narendra Bisht
U-Turn On A Train

Laloo’s Rail Yatra

What did the minister do to turnaround Indian railways? 

  • Refused to hike fares. Shored up earnings by carrying more passengers and freight.
  • Increased the load carried by a goods wagon from 81 tonnes to 90 tonnes. This gave an additional earning of Rs 7,200 crore.
  • Upgraded tickets if seats were going vacant in the upper class. So, waitlisted passengers could be allotted seats.
  • Maintained passenger profile so that bogies could be taken off or added to trains according to seasonal demand.


Not an advertisement for good grooming. A stained spittoon next to him. Posing for pictures in the trademark ‘ganji’ (vest). And making absurd statements like "Floods are good for Bihar as the poor get to eat fish which swim into their houses". This is the Laloo that the media has been lapping up for long—politically shrewd but a bucolic buffoon. 

And yet Laloo...

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