26 July, 2021

Two's Company

Madhu Kapparath's zoom-lens peek into the world of a gay couple projects a mixed view. Of unconventional practices and a surprising status quo. Text: Dhiraj Singh

Madhu Kapparath
Two's Company
Yatan and Jojo live in a pink house in Vasant Kunj, one of New Delhi's many melting pots of the new, improving middle class. The inside of their three-bedroom flat is obsessively house-kept. The floor squeaks, the upholstery rustles and the regulation kinks of neo-Punjabi architecture are tastefully disguised. Not a thing moves here unless so wished by at least one of the occupants. "I think I suffer from ocd (obsessive compulsive disorder)," says Yatan of his very manifest "cleanliness neurosis". But for all intents and purposes the neurosis has been a blessing. It's also one of the many things that the boyfriends share. They own and run a two-man style and image consultancy outfit; Jojo, the older man, heads the make-up division and Yatan takes care of the more organisational operations. Then there's a life, parents, friends, flats in Mumbai and Delhi and the custody of two thoroughly-spoilt dogs, the larger of which is a boxer who favours Jojo's lap to most other squat-worthy surfaces. It's an arrangement that has seen eight summers and seems set to go far. At least, as far as...

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