22 October, 2020

Two's A Crowd

Move over the eccentric bachelor uncle or the poor spinster aunt. Singlehood today is a choice—a happy, free one.

Swapan Nayak
Two's A Crowd
It’s a party for one out there. Look for it in any Indian city, you’ll find it easily. Welcome to the growing world of the new single. We’ve come a long way from hushed discussions about bachelor uncles, spinster aunts, and all the associated negative imagery. Today’s singles aren’t sociophobic or unmarriageable; they are smart, educated and involved with their lives, loved ones and work. Singlehood hasn’t been thrust upon them. They have chosen to be so—for them it is a superior option to any other. And they are happy. Something that did not happen before, something that our society is still ill-equipped to come to terms with. Something that, numerically, is a marginal trend—India, after all, is a lot of people—but could define fundamental changes in how we, as individuals and agglomeration, are rejecting our shoulds. The new singlehood is about something deeper.

Okay, straight payoffs first. Freedom. Explains Rana Mukherjee, a Supreme Court lawyer in his early 40s: "I enjoy my freedom immensely. I know happiness." Another is a sense of engagement with life:...



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