30 July, 2021

Two Seconds To Midnight, Indian Standard Time

Global scorn, local outrage...nothing moves the ‘Men At Work’

Sanjay Rawat
Two Seconds To Midnight, Indian Standard Time

With barely 12 days to go for the CWG, the Organising Committee spokesperson looked the camera dead in the eye and asserted reassuringly that as much as 70 per cent of work on the athletes’ accommodation had been completed. Now, it was merely a question of the 30 per cent that remained. Simple arithmetic tells us the only context in which his statement would be acceptable would be if construction had started 40 days ago, which was far from being the case. But the spokesman could clearly not fathom why everyone was aghast at his revelations. After all, we still had 12 whole days. Nor could Lalit Bhanot understand the brouhaha caused by his argument that hygiene standards varied across the world, and now that we know that some westerners are sniffy about keeping defecating stray dogs off their beds, we will clean it up, good hosts that we are. Sheila Dikshit was equally adept in brushing off the footbridge collapse by telling us that it had not been built for athletes or important people to use, but for ordinary folk, and too much should not...

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