07 May, 2021

Two Schools Of Trade

Experts tell us how both public and private B-schools are important

Photograph by Jitender Gupta
Two Schools Of Trade

Why the private sector should ­­­­­­be in education

In the debate between private and public B-schools, one would think that public institutes come out as an obvious choice. After all, barely 10 per cent of private institutes are above average and command a reputation akin to public schools. Yet, these schools are coming up as major competition for public schools. Schools such as XIM Bhubaneswar and S.P. Jain among others have developed a reputation for themselves far exceeding that of most public schools. The debate here boils down to not how private schools are better but the unfortunate politicisation and bureaucratisation that public schools are now riddled with.

One of the biggest deciders of quality for schools lies in its leadership and faculty. Several private institutes have ensured this. A great leader can mould a school for better learning and excellence. While the private schools are actively taking steps to ensure this, lately, several public institutes, including the IIMs are failing at this.

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