15 June, 2021

Two-Nation Theory

A terror attack makes India walk a tightrope between Iran and Israel

Jitender Gupta
Two-Nation Theory

Why Iran Is Important

  • Iran is India’s second largest source of energy, provides credit to Indian firms for buying oil and gas. Iran partners against the Taliban; gives India access to Afghanistan.
  • Iran provides access for Indian goods to the Central Asian market. Current crisis has opened up Iranian market for Indian goods.


Why Israel Is Important

  • Important supplier of defence equipment. Shares intelligence for counter-terrorism measures.
  • Israel cooperates with India on hi-tech, other technologies. Its expertise in agriculture, irrigation can help bolster our food security.


Dealing with Israel and Iran—belligerents who are daggers drawn over issues old and new—and pursuing “strategic partnerships” with both, has never been easy for India. Since last month’s terror attack on an Israeli official’s...

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