20 October, 2020

Two Clever Tips To Surprise Him

Intelligence merits convergence, not just coordination. Plus, a shift from 'reform' to 'transform'.

Two Clever Tips To Surprise Him
In the absence of intelligence, all other mechanisms of combating terrorism fail. Even if security agencies are able to foil an attack, there's no guarantee that the terrorist won't strike again. Thus, any reshaping of our security matrix must look at two broad issues.

First, we over-emphasise on coordination between the security agencies to achieve the optimum in terms of gathering and sharing of intelligence. We must instead look at a system of convergence. One where there is systemic convergence of intelligence. This means integration at several levels.

Intelligence in India was born out of the need to formulate policy. Intelligence worked as an instrument for the execution of state policy where inputs would be used to formulate it and then further inputs would see to its effectiveness. So by providing convergence, we can achieve a seamless system that would enable the legally empowered to take action in the shortest possible time when an intelligence input comes in.

This isn't happening in the present design. What we have is...



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