22 June, 2021

Twist In The Fairy Tale

The PI is the new matchmaker, often checking out prospective partners and their secrets

Jitender Gupta
Twist In The Fairy Tale

On The Snoop Trail

  • Prospective grooms or brides are put under surveillance for a week or more
  • The candidates are watched closely—where they work, what they eat, who they meet. Tidbits on lifestyle habits are important.
  • Phone records, pay slips, credit history and medical records are dug out
  • Household help, dhobhi, kirana store owners are discreetly quizzed for ‘character verification’
  • Relatives, family members, friends may be questioned undercover to confirm family background
  • Spycams are used in extreme cases, and if the client demands hard evidence
  • Most frequently, clients want to know the prospective groom/ bride’s job profile, financial status, family reputation, lifestyle habits, sexual preferences, medical history, previous marriages if any, whether they’re having an affair


Boy met girl... not...

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