11 May, 2021

Twelve-Year-Long Trail

A chronology of events leading up to the filing of the chargesheet

Twelve-Year-Long Trail

April 16, '87: National Swedish Radio announces that Bofors AB allegedly paid bribes to Indian politicians and bureaucrats through Swiss banks to win the contract to supply 155-mm howitzer field guns.

June 1, '87: The National Audit Bureau of Sweden admits the payment of "winding up charges" of Rs 34 crore to Rs 50 crore.

August 6, '87: The Indian government sets up a joint parliamentary committee (JPC) to look into the allegation of pay-offs under the chairmanship of B. Shankaranand.

September '87: Per Ove Moresberg, chairman of Bofors AB and Lars Gothlin, chief jurist of Nobel Industries, convey to India the names of three companies-Svenska Inc of Panama, Moresco of Switzerland and AE Services of the UK-which had received "winding up cost".

April 25, '88: The JPC presents its report to Parliament, saying it did not find any evidence of middlemen or of any payment other than winding-up charges.

January 22, '90: The CBI files its First Information...

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