23 April, 2021

TV And The Nonsensex

Oh, the cacophony of hysterical 24/7 reporters, yuppie stockbrokers and callow FIIs!

Sandeep Adhwaryu
TV And The Nonsensex
The two institutions that behaved utterly irresponsibly in recent weeks are the media and the stockmarket. Barring a few noteworthy newspapers and magazines, the media and especially the 24-hour news networks have reduced themselves to laughing stocks. Nobody can take them seriously anymore and they have only themselves to blame. The stockmarket may have reduced some to tears, but as with the Sensex, they too have tumbled—in public esteem.

There is a common fatal flaw in both the television networks and the stockmarket that emerged in sharp relief this time. Both are very immature. Both are young institutions, so youthfulness is to be expected. Unfortunately, they behaved like adolescents, overreacting to situations, ham-handed, high-pitched and hysterical. They got it completely wrong and now stand exposed for an utter lack of experience and perspective. The root cause: both institutions were hijacked by their brat pack.

Both are filled with smart, hardworking, ambitious youngsters. But they also happen to be inexperienced, urban and elitist, with an...

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