05 August, 2021

Tusker Country

Should be on the shelf besides such classics as J.H. Williams’s Elephant Bill and P.D. Stracey’s Elephant Gold.

Tusker Country

‘If the great beasts are gone, man will surely die of a great loneliness of spirit’—an apt quotation with which to round off this exciting tale of a hunt for a rogue elephant in Assam.

Elephants are beautiful, graceful, gentle creatures, capable of living with and for humans. But sometimes a wild elephant goes musth, mad and disoriented. He can then become a rogue, a man-killer, and will attack a village and its inhabitants at random, hurling the nearest human to the ground and trampling him to a pulp.

One such rogue, who had been terrorising the inhabitants of several villages in Assam, has to be hunted down and killed. Capturing it would be of no use, for in the crazed condition it would become even more dangerous. Tarquin Hall, a writer and journalist, joins the small group assigned the task of hunting down the rogue, and gives us a graphic account of the chase, the elephant’s depredations, and its dramatic last stand before being brought down by a high-velocity bullet. One feels sorry for the...

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