28 January, 2021

Truth As Touchstone

The churning that India is currently witnessing throws up many challenges for a journalist. But we at Outlook resolve to stay the course. After all, the tough get going when the going gets tough.

Truth As Touchstone

Greetings from your new Editor at Outlook. Change, it is said, is a way of life. At Outlook, I am that change.  Certain values, however, are for all time.  That includes our commitment to bring you ground reportage, analysis and in-depth coverage of events that move our world. As always, Outlook remains sworn to keeping you engaged and informed.

Our lofty goals and the gold standards set by our past editors such as the legendary Vinod Mehta are what we cherish. They are markers that we are willing to go the extra mile to achieve.

However noble the cause, I am certain the road ahead will be challenging. We are living in trying times and both journalism and journalists are in peril. Social media poses serious challenges to traditional media. Fly-by-night journalism is the flavour of the season. Fake news is a deadly scourge. Leave alone the work we do, a fractious polity which has no patience for criticism or divergent views is threatening even our physical well-being. According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, the New...



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