25 June, 2021

"Trust Has Been A Casualty"

The US assistant secretary of state for South Asian affairs Karl "Rick" Inderfurth speaks with L.A. Joseph in Washington on America's role in the Kargil crisis and its aftermath. Excerpts:

"Trust Has Been A Casualty"

How do you see the future of Indo-Pak relations in the wake of Kargil?

Even with the Kargil crisis apparently over, tensions between India and Pakistan remain high. Trust has been a casualty of the 75 days of fight-ing. Still, it's our hope that the two countries will resume the dialogue initiated at Lahore as soon as possible. Prime minister Vajpayee was quoted recently as saying—"We want to permanently resolve the Kashmir problem." That commitment, combined with a similar one from prime minister Sharif, could lead to a historic turning point for the subcontinent.

How can the US help prevent Kargil-like situations from occurring in the future?

President Clinton has made it clear that he has a "personal interest" in encouraging an expeditious resumption and intensification of bilateral efforts to resolve the Kashmir dispute. He'll do what he can to see that these bilateral efforts are successful. At the same time he fully appreciates the fact that the leaders of India and Pakistan are the ones with the...

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