02 March, 2021

Trump Check Time For Techies

Indians on H-1B visas in the US are a target for the new president’s warped nationalism. Or is his bark worse than his bite?

Not Losing Sleep
Indian techies at the Facebook head office in California
Photograph by Getty Images
Trump Check Time For Techies

Sujata Tibrewala, 41, is a networking evangelist for Intel Corp, one of the world’s largest semiconductor chip makers. Her job is just as funky as it sounds: “I manage the open-source community for Intel,” she says, referring to the global network of technology aficionados who help develop a company’s open-source software.

A graduate of IIT Kharagpur and IISc, Bangalore, Tibrewala moved to the US six years ago with her family and worked as a consultant for several technology companies before joining Intel at its headquarters in Santa Clara, California. Her husband, too, works as a manager for a technology firm; their daughter is a senior at a local school and is applying for admission to college next year. They have recently bought a house in the Silicon Valley, investing $90,000 from their own pockets, besides taking a sizeable bank loan.

But if Donald Trump has his way, Tibrewala and her family may soon be without a job and on their way back to India. The president-elect announced earlier this month that he won’t allow US workers to...

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