26 July, 2021

Trolls For Hire

Five times Modi’s followers picked the wrong fights

Illustration by Saahil
Trolls For Hire

Meet the modifiers. They are the new breed of Modi followers. From columnists, TV rabble-rousers, actors, historians, writers to social media trolls and troopers, these people are determined to ‘Modify’ debate and steer it away from the criticisms of Modi’s politics through whataboutery, hoaxing and humbugging. They pose as robust right-wingers—which is rather funny as they do not offer any illuminating alternative political universe. Their oath of membership? A swaggering declaration of being anti-commie/leftie, anti-Congress, anti-Nehruvian, anti-intellectual, anti-tolerant and other namby-pamby virtues liberals may hold high, while being selectively libertarian.

Here’s a list of events where Modi­fiers jumped to the rescue:

Intolerance Razzmatazz: From Nayantara Sahgal to Aamir Khan, the Modifiers have managed to steer the award-return protests into a tolerance-intolerance deb­ate. The so-called Award Wapasi was scooped up by Hindutva hardliners as a patriotic sin even though cultural protesters were...

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