12 April, 2021

Trinidad Diary

She was born in the Caribbean but has lived in India a long time. In this diary, Peggy Mohan writes about the similarities between India and Trinidad.

Trinidad Diary
We, The Portal Hoppers

I was born in the Caribbean but have lived in India a long, long time. So I sometimes find myself starting a sentence talking about ‘we’ who speak Creole languages and in the next breath segueing smoothly to ‘we’ who speak Indian languages. Could I really be in Trinidad and in India at the same time?

Some years ago, I went back to Trinidad to see my mother. She met me at the airport looking a few years older, handed me the keys to her car and I drove us back home. The phone was ringing and I rushed inside to answer. Someone who had no idea that I had ever been away wanted to talk to me about a piece I had written. And another life resumed. That was when I realised that I could. That when I ‘snoozed’ India, my eyes opened again in Trinidad!

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