01 August, 2021

Triangle Without Sharpness

A volume that will touch you in different ways. But do not open it if you are either prudish or prurient.

Sanjay Rawat
Triangle Without Sharpness

The first question that Hoshang Merchant, who with his flowing white beard appears to be a veritable sage of Indian English gay writing, asked me when I met him a decade ago was this: “Are you a fairy, Tabish?” When I assured him that I was boringly heterosexual, he quipped, “But then, why do you write about angels?” He was referring to the title of my first novel. We laughed, not ill at ease with the joke.

However, it is seldom that conversation on sexual identity between heterosexuals and homosexuals/bisexuals, at least within the same ‘gender’, proceeds without confusion or condescension. One of the best stories in Close, Too Close, Michael Malik G.’s Dreams and Desire in Srinagar, deals basically with this. It presents a kind of triangle, the queer narrator and his male lover, and a young man running a houseboat in Srinagar. The unprejudiced openness of this ‘straight’ young man confuses the narrator: “I chided myself for falling into the common...

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