01 October, 2020

Trial By Testosterone

‘Progressive’ India? ROFLMAO! Our blogs bristle with male bluster.

Illustration by Sorit
Trial By Testosterone

“When I’d crack one of my banal out-of-fizz jokes, you used to laugh out loud, so loud that my eardrums would resonate with the sound of your happiness. Now we just LOL.”

“There was a time when you whispered sweet nothings to me, held my hand, looked deep into my brown eyes and promised me all the love in the world. Now we just do this

That’s right, ladies and gentlemen; the above is exactly the vapid apology for communication as we know it today. As the youth of the nation forges ahead with the pride and gusto of newly minted soldiers, this also happens to be a time when they could not be more nerve-rackingly annoying and steeped in depravity. It is a time when nothing surprises us, nothing is unique, where everything is accessible and, most importantly, where our opinions can be heard so loud and clear, they could make a Megadeth concert sound like a...



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