17 April, 2021

Trapped On The Screen?

Trapped On The Screen?
  • Gets subscriber revenue based on LCO data on Traps

  • No way to find out how many Traps are installed and actually working

  • May lose revenue due to gross under-reporting of subscribers

Multi-System Operator
  • Has no control over deployment of Traps

  • Gets Trap information from LCOs and informs broadcaster

  • Cannot authenticate data without physical examination

  • May have to share the cost of Traps with LCOs

Local Cable Operator
  • Responsible for fixing Traps

  • Has to report to broadcaster and MSOs on how many Traps are installed

  • May not know if Traps are removed

Cable Home
  • Can easily remove Traps

  • Has no freedom to choose pay channels

  • May need to instal as many as 35 Traps if opting out of all pay channels

  • May get very weak signal if too many Traps are installed

How Trap Works
  • It’s a small device fixed at subscriber-end to block pay channels

  • Costs Rs 300-500 per...

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