18 May, 2021

Tough Nuts

Techno-savvy, politically correct but completely apolitical. That's Generation 2000 for you.

Tough Nuts

Gandhi vs Cyrus Broacha. Nehru vs Sabeer Bhatia. Is it a generation gap or an abyss? As the Indian population careens over the one-billion mark, 57 per cent of it is on the fast lane of youth. A group defined only by remaining undefined.

An MTV survey, "tuning in on Indian youth", throws up surprises. Kids in Bangalore don't think jeans are cool. Chennai turns uncommonly materialistic, Mumbai's disinclined to rebel, Kanpur and Lucknow are open to live-in relationships, while overall only 23 per cent subscribe to pre-marital sex! Threading these disparities is materialism, displayed by 70 per cent. Meet the I-me-my generation.

The common bond between the Madonna generation and the Pink Floyd one is the latter's line - "We don't need no thought control". But the older lot, with convenient amnesia over its own anarchic youth, turns apoplectic at the lobotomisation of its brood. Isms - consumerism, individualism, materialism - are damned as the subject of this preoccupation placidly marches into the next millennium, outnumbering other age groups. Not...

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