07 May, 2021

Torrents Of Arabia

The OIC conference in Qatar—and events on the ground—reveals a schizoid Arab world

Torrents Of Arabia
The tenor of a text is often a better indicator of the author's fears and anxieties than what he ostensibly spells out. There couldn't be a truer instance of this than the Organisation of Islamic Conference (oic) meet at Doha, Qatar, where 57 foreign ministers of Muslim countries came together last week to fashion a united stance on Washington's 'War against Terror'. No doubt the oic communique supported Washington's operations against Osama bin Laden, but its tone simultaneously revealed deep fissures within the Muslim and Arab world—and their fears of the US widening the sweep of its attack to include Iraq and Lebanon in the future.

When the foreign ministers of Muslim countries began their discussions, the Arab League's charismatic chairman, Amru Musa, emphatically declared that "we shan't allow, under any circumstances, attacks on any Arab or Muslim state." His resolve, though, was neither reflected in the oic communique, nor in Qatari foreign minister Hamad bin Jassem al Thani's comment to Al Jazeera. Bin Jassem pointed out tamely: "Furthermore, no more Muslim or Arab...
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