16 June, 2021

Torrential Reign

Young Indians are riding the surf with free downloads on the net

Sanjay Rawat
Torrential Reign

What Is Download Nation

  • Fuelled by cheap broadband, 30-40 million Indians—a large chunk of the internet population—is downloading and sharing music, software, films, TV shows, games
  • Google data shows a 2050% growth in searches for “extra torrent movies”, 700% growth for “songs.pk free download” and 900% for “Hollywood blue films” in the past 12 months
  • Between 19 and 35 years, most are working males who see free content as an undeniable fact of life
  • Using peer-to-peer networks, Indians now largest downloaders of illegal content in Asia, fourth largest in the world
  • Viewing streaming content like YouTube videos has overtaken social networking in popularity


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