01 August, 2021

Toronto Diary

Notes from Toronto International Film Festival-- a gala that serves as a tastemaker for the Academy Awards.

Toronto Diary
Plot Spoilers and Scriptwriters

The Toronto International Film Festival or TIFF lives for its own sake, of course, but it has a sort of afterlife too. For, it serves as a tastemaker for the Academy Awards—an advance notice of the reception a film is getting. For instance, it added garnishing to the buzz over Moonlight, last year’s Best Picture winner. In 2008, it pointed to Slumdog Millionaire sweeping the Oscars. One figure who’d been missing on the red carpet during the Toronto premiere of that film was Vikas Swarup, author of the novel Q&A, on which it was based. A decade later, Swarup finally made it to TIFF. Now India’s High Commissioner in Ottawa, he was invited by Toronto’s very own Deepa Mehta for the opening night film, Borg/McEnroe, Janus Metz’s take on the famous 1980 Wimbledon faceoff bet­ween the stoic Swede and the temperamental American. “I jumped at the offer,”...

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