29 July, 2021

Toofan Male

149.5 kmph is real pace. But the gangly Delhi kid answers to more than our fetish for speed.

Toofan Male

Express Inc Fastest Bowlers Average Speed

Ishant Sharma 144
S Sreesanth 138
Zaheer Khan 135
R.P. Singh 134
Munaf Patel 130
Irfan Pathan 120

Source: Anant Gaundalkar
Average taken over the last six months


Australia is not the place to blood your young cricketers, for this is the realm of the toughest cricket. With their destructive games and barbed tongues, Australian players instigate battle on several fronts. The pitches benefit the quick bowlers, but the Australians, intimidators with the bat, are determined to hit you off your length. The conditions are hard, and the media mercilessly hostile.

That makes the emergence of Ishant Sharma an event to celebrate, an early fruiting that inaugurates a long spring. The lanky 19-year-old, somewhat retiring of disposition, is alive to the impact his bowling has caused in the antipodal summer. "Sometimes," says Ishant, his face betraying...

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