29 September, 2020

Too Crowded For Comfort

The satellite TV honeymoon is over as new entrants find it difficult to access the pie in the sky

Too Crowded For Comfort

IN India’s newest sunrise industry, it is darkness at dawn. Hemmed in by a complicated maze of warring, disorganised cable networks, proliferating production houses bent on outdoing each other in palming off substandard software, and rapidly intensifying market wars, players in the high-profile satellite TV channel business, especially the new ones, have discovered to their consternation that the sun is about to set on their little empires even before it has well and truly risen.

Gone is the bright daylight of certainties—that was how it was until a year ago—brought about by an unprecedented boom. Today, dark grey areas of confusion and panic have crept in. So, as the realisation dawns that the business is not as lucrative as it seemed at first, extreme caution has become the key. As global broadcasting giants slug it out for a piece of the action, the message to the hurriedly erected, chance-directed indigenous channels is clear: make way or get swept away. But is anybody listening? Certainly not those who’ve thrown their...



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