18 June, 2021

Together, In A Free Century

In an Outlook exclusive, US secretary of state votes for India

Together, In A Free Century
There is a new spirit of partnership between the people of India and the United States who embody shared aspirations of our democratic societies. Over 65,000 Americans live in India, attracted by its growing economy and the richness of its culture. The millions of people of Indian descent who live in the United States today are adding not only to the wealth of our nation but are also helping enrich its character. The Indian and American people are building a partnership that touches fields as diverse as agriculture and health, commerce and defence, science and technology, and education. More Indians are studying in the United States right now than at any other time in our history—80,000 this year alone.

These relations on an individual level point a way forward for cooperation between our governments. India, the world's largest democracy, is a natural partner for the United States, the world's oldest democracy. India's society is open, free, transparent, stable, multi-ethnic and multi-religious. India is a democracy that is characterised...
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June 28, 2021

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