03 March, 2021

To Talk Or Not To Talk?

India doesn’t want to legitimise Pakistan’s junta-for now at least

To Talk Or Not To Talk?
Talk is cheap. Let’s see some action first." Two months after the military takeover in Pakistan, this seems to be the dominant mood in India when it comes to any mention of talks with Islamabad. Particularly so, when even Islamabad has admitted that the man in power right now was the mastermind behind the Kargil operation.

"A dialogue is always desirable, but there must be some basis for it," says former foreign secretary T.N. Kaul. "If there’s some basis to conclude that talks will be fruitful, that there’ll be some improvement in bilateral ties, we should talk. But as long as Pakistan declares political, ‘moral’ and diplomatic support to militants operating in Kashmir, how can we talk?" Precisely what external affairs minister Jaswant Singh told Asiaweek in a recent interview. "India was the initiator of the Delhi-Lahore (bus diplomacy) process, which I believe was path-breaking. But our neighbour decided to turn the bus towards Kargil.... Thereafter Pakistan has slipped into internal convulsion and is yet to settle down...

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