30 July, 2021

To Swim In Reason

Bikini or burkini...it’s a choice best left to the woman

Women enjoying a sunny beach-day in Tunisia
Photograph by Getty Images
To Swim In Reason
  • The Attire: About a decade back, ­designer Aheda Zanetti created the ­burkini, for use by Muslim female swimmers
  • The Ban: Recently, a collective of French mayors, troubled by the attire’s presence on French beaches, banned it
  • The Debate: The move sparked a global ­debate on women’s freedom of choice, which the ban seems to have violated


Across the English Channel, the warm summer beaches of England have been flooded with burkinis. At the same time, France and other European countries are caught in a bitter debate over the ban of this now highly popular outfit. In fact, since the ban, the online sale of the burkini has risen by 200 per cent. In the UK, a group of int­ernet pranksters carried out a staged social experiment to see how people react to a burkini-clad woman being asked to leave a British beach. Unaware of the ongoing enactment, two female passers-by stopped and confronted the prankster in...

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