10 May, 2021

To Sir And A Cop, With Love

Two men shatter the myth that entry to the IITs is the preserve of the city-bred privileged youth

To Sir And A Cop, With Love
Scores of students every year aim for the IITs. It’s a ticket to social acclaim, financial comfort and professional progress. Preparations for the arduous journey are elaborate. Often it involves rushing from one expensive coaching class to another, burning the midnight oil, attending mock examinations etc. Yet, not many make it to the pearly gates. This is a unique story of two men, Abhayanand and Anand Kumar, who send poor students from rural Bihar to the IITs. This year alone, 22 of their students were successful.

Abhayanand, a 1977 batch ips officer, is currently posted as Inspector General, Economic Offences, with the Bihar government. Two years ago, while coaching his own children for the IIT entrance tests—both IITians now—he thought of the many underprivileged students who didn’t have access to such facilities. Yet many could make it with just a little help. That’s when it occurred that he could start a tutorial for poor rural students. "I felt it was time for me to pay back to society in some way or the other. I took up the challenge," recalls...

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