21 June, 2021

To Play The Nukebox Tune

If US think-tanks had their way, India’s most cherished dream, to emerge as a superpower, would be a reality. Harish Mehta looks at three extreme scenarios - of Pakistan being swallowed by a US-backed Indian confederation, Sino-Indian hegemony a

To Play The Nukebox Tune

"The United States of America uses its B-2 bombers in the year 2012 to launch conventional air-strikes to destroy Pakistani nuclear facilities in a bid to prevent the nukes from falling into the wrong hands. The extraordinary US action follows an unsuccessful Indian conventional attack on Pakistani nukes, and a retaliatory Pakistani nuclear strike against Indian border forces. This sparks the disintegration and disappearance of Pakistan, and creation of an expanded Indian Confederation or Superstate."

THIS is not some Nostradamus indulging in apocalyptic visions. It’s just one of the many futuristic scenarios culled out from the "Asia 2025" study - a 147-page opus - conducted by the US under secretary of defence (policy). Written last year and distributed in limited circles, these documents show that US defence planners are now shifting their focus from Europe to Asia where they would wish to contain the threat of an economically-resurgent China. This may in future lead the US to seek closer alliance with...

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