17 April, 2021

To Keep The Core Still

World Yoga Day is here, a look at how the world took to asanas

To Keep The Core Still

5:24 am on June 21, 2015, when the sun’s first rays touch our holy land, scorching us for the next 13:58:04 hours—the longest duration so far in what is the NDA regime’s second year in office—Prime Minister Narendra Modi will presumably be leading our ancient civilisation in paying homage to the only ‘pratyaksha devata’, the lone god you can see with your naked eyes among the Hindu pantheon of gods, by performing surya namaskar—a set of cardiovascular exercises that warms up the body to perform the yogasanas which follow. This World Yoga Day, move over Baba Ramdev, Om Namo Narendra is here. Now imag­ine how proud we will feel, barring of course the few anti- nationals among us, when seconds after NaMo comes out of shirshasana (the headstand and the king of asanas), Whats­app, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and what have you will be jammed with Namo-images looking at the world, bottoms up. Our chest will swell with pride from yogic inhalations to 56 inches to assert to the world yet again that we Sanatanis, the first in transplanting...

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