11 May, 2021

To Flower And Flourish

Educational institutions have to create their own excellence ecosystems

To Flower And Flourish

This annual ranking of Indian professional colleges ends with the iits again dominating the engineering landscape. Our top institutes still do not do so well on international rankings. We number over 15 per cent of the world’s population, and should have over 15 per cent of the world’s top brains and academic institutions. Even as a society we value education, and have had institutions in place for a very long time. Given this, one cannot help but wonder about whether we are evaluating our institutions in the right context.

Great academicians, for example, are usua­lly characterised by an ability to inspire the next generation to greater heights in their area of expertise. Is this really happening? For instance, should placements really be evaluated on conventional parameters like average salary, number of people placed etc, or should they be evaluated on...

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