21 June, 2021

T.M. Krishna

Carnatic artiste T.M. Krishna on Svanubhava, the travelling performing arts festival

T.M. Krishna

What does Svanubhava stand for?

Its philosophy is the creation of a sense of ownership and pride among performing arts students and enthusiasts for Indian art forms.

So who does the festival belong to?

It does not belong to any person or group; it belongs to all who want to contribute to the future of the cultural diversity of this country.

What is the focus of the festival?

The main focus is on community building.

How does it empower your students?

When arts students and young enthusiasts meet like-minded people, they feel empowered and enthused to make a difference.

From just music, this year, the festival has opened out to the performing arts as well.

Most performers, including myself, don’t have an understanding of many other art forms in this country. The best way to change this is to create forums of exposure and understanding.

What are the highlights this year?

This year’s...

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