18 June, 2021

T.M. Krishna: Music In The ­Plural | By Ananya Vajpeyi

T.M. Krishna uses music to show democracy is the sound of many voices rising up to the sky

Different Tuning
T.M. Krishna is no champion of the Indian ­nation and its state-building
Photograph by Hariharan Sankaran
T.M. Krishna: Music In The ­Plural | By Ananya Vajpeyi

As India turns 71 next week, Outlook zeroed in on 21 individuals who have made a lasting impression on this country – for both good and bad – so far in the 21 st century. And we got 21 equally important personalities to write on the 21 individuals we chose.

In this column, Ananya Vajpeyi talks about Carnatic music vocalist TM Krishna.  "Like his celestial namesake with his divine flute, Krishna sounds a mesmerising music, one that calls us to join in the great dance, the raslila, of Indian democracy," she says.

Of late, aficionados of Carnatic music have surely become accustomed to the vocal presence of one of this classical form’s most talented practitioners, Thodur Mada­busi Krishna, 41, for his fans, simply ‘TMK’. He is continually in the news, not just for how beautifully he sings, but also for his articulate and often controversial engagement with important issues in our political life as a nation. A virtuosic performer and public intellectual, with...

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