14 April, 2021

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With a call for governpreneurship, Nilekani hopes for a truly Digital India

Jitender Gupta
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Nandan Nilekani is India’s smartest technology entrepreneur who, due to a temporary lapse of judgement, decided to enter electoral politics, something which many, including this writer, advised him against. He lost, but his ideas continue to win with Aadhar, which, despite unfortunate legal and administrative setbacks, promises to be a genuine game-changer. Nan­dan himself  swears never ever to enter the electoral arena, something hopefully time will prove him wrong on, for with his ideas and ability to get things done, he can write a part of India’s digital destiny.

His new tome, with Viral Shah, is an outstanding roadmap for a digital India and delineates a kind of ‘governpreneurship’ for unleashing entrepreneurship inside government. The book provides an interesting blueprint on how to combine the strengths of government, such as scale, stability and staffing with the speed and agility of start-ups. The overarching theme of simplicity and scale runs throughout the book. It is estimated that by 2020, Bangalore alone will overtake Silicon...

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